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[Fan Signing Event]xikers - HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing

[Fan Signing Event]xikers - HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing

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 >> Apply only the person can attend to this eventWe'll change the processing status to "Shipped Out" for reflection to Ranking Chart at release day. Real Shipping time is after event.
 >> It takes long time for shipping to abroad now due to shipping situation, stock situation and many orders. We are not responsible for any shipping ploblem(delay, etc..) Please understanding.

The recipient will be held responsible for import duties and taxes.
 >> Please order this item only.
 If order with other items, The order will be canceled.

 >> 1 order on 1 applicant. Don't mixed different applicant in same order.(Each applicants must not use same phone number, birth day)

 >> Please write FULL NAME of Passport on applicant name form. Passport is necessary for Identification.
 >> Application are applied when this payment finished. There are the case of payment pending on Paypal sometimes.
 >> Not Available cancel order and refund item/shipping fee.

 >> Album Version is Random.


『HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing』

Face-to-face fan signing event & video call event

Event Date | Fan signing event: April 2, 2023 (Sun) 17:30 → 18:30 (KST) Mok-dong Broadcasting Center Kobaco Hall

Video call: After the face-to-face signing event on Sunday, April 2, 2023

How to apply | Within the application period, at the Music Korea online mall

xikers 1ST MINI ALBUM 『HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing』 entry product

A total of 50 winners will be drawn

(30 fansign, 20 video calls)

(1 ticket per person, face-to-face fan signing event / video call duplicate entries and prizes allowed, not transferable to others)

Application period | March 10 (Fri) 12:00 ~ March 28 (Tue) 23:59

                  * The event application deadline is based on the payment completion time.

Seller | Music Korea Online Mall





 If you place multiple orders with the same entrant information during the event period, they will be added up and automatically applied the same number of times as the total number of purchases.

 Only one applicant can apply for one order number, and in case of multiple applications, only the first applicant is valid.

Example) During the application period, if A first orders 2 copies / second order 3 copies,

A total of 5 purchases within the application period will be added up, and A will automatically apply for 5 times.

Winner Announcement | March 30, 2023 (Thu) after 18:00

Announcement on the bulletin board of the winners in the Korean version of Music Korea online mall


- Random 1 out of 10 photo cards will be given to all applicants for this event.

(This is a privilege given based on the purchase quantity.)

- Among the winners of this event, 20 people (10 people face-to-face autograph session + 10 people video call) will be presented with a Polaroid through a lottery.

- Signed albums will be presented to all winners of this event.

[Guide to face-to-face fan signing event]

After proceeding with the corona quarantine rules and verifying your identity, seat tickets will be distributed by lottery, and you will be seated, and a fan signing event will be held according to your seat number.

- Confirmation of winners and distribution of number tickets are available 30 minutes before the start of the event.

- Please be aware of the following event precautions and participate in the event, and ask for your cooperation with the requests of the on-site staff.

1. The fan signing event site complies with the quarantine rules to prevent COVID-19. This may take some time, so please arrive at least 30 minutes early before the event begins. Please arrive in time for the event, as admission is not permitted after the event has started.

2. To prevent COVID-19, body temperature measurement (non-contact type thermometer) and hand disinfection are conducted upon entry.

If you have a high fever of 37.5 degrees or higher and suspected corona symptoms, you are restricted from entering if you are not wearing a mask

Thank you for your understanding.

- All fans are obliged to wear a KF94 mask after entering the signing venue (lobby and seats), and you cannot enter without a mask.

- Drinks and food are not allowed in the signing venue (lobby, seats, etc.) except for water.

3. There will be no transparent screen between the artist and the fan.

4. After entering the fan signing event location, you must sit only in your own seat, and you may be kicked out if you change your seat arbitrarily, change a seat in the middle of the fan signing event, or move indiscriminately. (Please cooperate with the staff's requests to prevent COVID-19).

5. Signing is only possible for albums. For the winners, we will prepare one of the purchased albums to pick up at the event site.

6. Signatures can only be received for the album, and if you receive a signature for items other than albums, such as photo cards and personal belongings, they will be collected by on-site staff.

7. Please prepare by displaying the page to receive an autograph in the album for each member in advance.

8. During this signing event, you can take pictures and videos at your seat, but taking pictures and recording while receiving an autograph is not allowed. wish. (If you are caught recording or filming, you will be kicked out.)

9. You cannot stand up from your seat, move to a seat other than your own, or move around during the autograph session.

10. Gift delivery and support are not allowed at this signing event, and in the case of fansign items (headbands, corollas, etc.), please deliver them through the staff in the order of your autograph.

* Fan signing event items will be checked by on-site staff before signing. Delivery may not be possible if the item is judged to be inappropriate.

* Acts such as directly covering the artist are not allowed.

* We plan to return everything after the signing event ends, and we are not responsible for lost items that are not picked up at the designated time.

11. In the case of a handwritten letter, please send it to the on-site staff before the autograph session.

12. Only one name (To.) and one post-it question per member are allowed for autographs, so please prepare a post-it beforehand.

* Korean/English only, modifiers and PS are not allowed.

* In the case of questions, only multiple-choice questions (A vs. B / YES or NO) or 5 or fewer choices are allowed, and only questions about members are allowed. (No requests for pictures, letters, etc.) (Questions about the winner himself, short-answer and open-ended questions, and questions that lead to a specific answer are not allowed.)

* Post-it questions will be checked by on-site staff before signing. If a question containing an unreasonable request or request, or a question with inappropriate content, such as content related to the artist's private life, is identified, the request for correction or the question may not be accepted.

13. The use of flash, AF assist light and strobe light is prohibited when taking pictures.

14. Selfie sticks and tripods can only be installed at your seat. If you exceed the appropriate height and cause inconvenience to other visitors, we may ask you to stop using it.

15. During the autograph session, live broadcasting through social media, etc. is not allowed.

16. Please understand that contact such as graffiti, stickers, and hand touches that come into direct contact with the skin is not allowed.

17. Drinking before and during the signing event is prohibited. Admission is restricted when entering after drinking, and you may be forced to leave if drinking while in progress.

> Even if it is not specified in the above, if you conduct an action that is deemed difficult to proceed smoothly on the day, you may be forced to leave or be subject to sanctions regardless of whether or not you have received a signature.

[Video call event progress information]

1. For this event, 1:1 video calls will be held from the start of the event in the order of numbers assigned when the winners are announced.

2. Prior to the start of the event in order of winning, we will notify you in advance of the event through KakaoTalk Messenger. If the winner does not answer the phone more than twice during their turn, we plan to call one more time at the end of the video call session. If the call cannot be connected until the end, the video call event cannot be held, so please check the event time and apply only to those who are able to make a call.

- For smooth event progress, please refrain from sending to the venue.

3. In this event, all winners will have video calls and autographs during the same time. In order to protect the artist, the operation manager will be present, and if the call is deemed inappropriate, participation may be restricted.

 The video call proceeds in the order of the number given when the winner is announced, and when the individual progress time elapses, it is automatically moved to the next member or terminated.

 When the video call is finished, please end the call. (If the winner does not end the call, the connection will be forcibly terminated.)

 If there is a problem with the winner's network connection or device settings, it may be difficult to proceed with the event. If the connection fails or is interrupted due to a network problem, it may not be possible to proceed again, so please check your network environment, screen, and audio settings in advance.

[Notes for Video Call Event Winners]

1. Winners, please register the personal information necessary for the event by the designated time through the method that is notified when the winner is announced.

 Participation in the event is possible only with the same information as the winner's application information.

 You can only register your personal information once, so please check the details before registering.

 If you do not register within the specified period, the event prize will be invalid.

 If the KakaoTalk ID and mobile phone number you submitted do not match, or if the mobile phone number in the applicant information does not match, the event may be restricted.

 Please understand that this video call event is conducted only through KakaoTalk video calls.

 For smooth event progress, please add all video call accounts used for the event before the start of the event.

2. Since this event starts at a pre-announced time and proceeds, we cannot provide assistance if the winner is not contacted smoothly during the event. Please check the contents of the event and only those who have no difficulties in proceeding within the time period.

3. In this event, only the winner (one person per person) can make a video call, and participation may be restricted or the video call may be forcibly terminated if not the winner or 2 or more people including the winner appear on the screen. Voice recording, photos and video recording using a second electronic device are not allowed.

4. If the video call is rejected or terminated without permission in the course of the video call, it is considered unavailable to participate and cannot proceed.

 Autographed albums sent to winners will be delivered individually after the video call ends.

 The autographed album provided to the winners of this event is an event in which one of the albums purchased by the winner is provided as an autographed album, and the version is provided randomly regardless of the purchased version. Please understand.

  [Notes on application]

1. Products/shipping fees purchased for the event cannot be canceled or refunded. (Subscription cannot be withdrawn after the application deadline)

2. Only the winners can participate in this event. The responsibility for damage caused by transfer lies entirely with the person concerned, and if you are not the winner, you will not be able to participate in the event, so please be careful when applying.

3. For this event, the lottery will be conducted only with the applicant information entered at the time of application. Please apply with the English name written on your passport. (Foreign winners can only enter if their name and passport's English name are the same.)

Before the start of the video call or face-to-face signing event, an identification process will be conducted. Please prepare your ID in advance.

* Identification cannot be verified by means other than the ID below, and can only be verified with a real ID with a photo attached. (It is not possible to confirm with photos taken, scanned copies, resident registration abstracts and certified copies, etc.)

- Foreigner: passport, alien registration card (Foreigner: Passport or alien registration card only)

* All IDs are accepted only if they have not expired.

* Except for Korean minors, all winners cannot use their student ID cards (including university students) for identification.

4. When applying for this event, we plan to collect the applicant's personal information (name/date of birth/contact number/KakaoTalk ID) through the options on the product purchase page.

5. Changes to the winner's name, contact information, and shipping address after the announcement of the winner are absolutely not allowed and will not be reflected. When applying, please check if the applicant information is correctly applied on the Music Korea My Page > Order/Delivery > Order Details > Order Details page.

6. When applying for this event, the winner's personal information is provided as follows to check duplicate winners and proceed with the event.

- Recipients of personal information: Music Korea, KQ Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment - Purpose of use: Event operation and management - Collected items: Name, date of birth, contact information, KakaoTalk ID - Period of use: Until the end of the event and the purpose of use is achieved

7. Details on how to proceed with the event will be announced along with the announcement of the winners.

8. This event may be partially changed or canceled without prior notice.

*Contact: 031-946-8210 /

Music Korea album sales volume is reflected in the tally of Hanteo Chart and Circle Chart.


xikers(싸이커스) - xikers 1ST MINI ALBUM [HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing] -copy



- 아웃 박스 : 1종 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 포토북 : 100p / 1종 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 접지 포스터 : 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 엽서 : 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- DISC : 1종 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 와이드 폴라로이드 : 20종 중 랜덤 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 스티커 : 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 포토카드 : 20종 중 랜덤 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 럭키 카드 : 10종(1set) (버전 별 이미지 동일)

- 마그네틱 쿠폰 : 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

- 무빙 포토 : 1종 삽입 (버전 별 이미지 상이)

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- Poster Tube is NOT applicable for Small Packets shipping because of its size.



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